Bru Jeune w/ red feather hat- 赤い帽子の女の子



Bru Jeune(ブリュー・ジュン)という、フランスのサン・ドニ(パリ市のすぐ北側)で設立されたブリュー工房での作品です。出来上がり30cmのビスクドールで、日本の家屋に置くのにも最適なサイズになってます。




有名な作品のため検索すると他の方々の作品がたくさんGoogleでは出てきますが(Bru Jeune - Google 検索)、私の作品いかがでしょうか?


Today's doll is Bru Jeune which orignally designed by Bru was made at Saint Denis near Paris, France.  30 cm is a relatively compact size which fits nicely in homes. 

I met Bru through my 2nd lesson in England after a 2hr drive through M25, in Brighton, a town near the Sea.  I attended a 2-day workshop to create one doll which was 23 inch with a wine-red long dress. 

The head was held by the left hand and painted with thin brushes, and eyelashes and eyebrows were also written.

Now I use water based painting but at that time we used oil painting which made it difficult to make corrections. 

My teacher prepared dinner for us and we had a lot of fun time which is still a good memory.  Summer in London is bright until 10pm and driving in the summer

was also a lot of fun.

This original doll is very famous and you can see many of the same models in google search - but I believe each ones bring a different impression(Bru Jeune - Google 検索) - What kind of impression do you have for my work? 

I had an image for Christmas holidays in the Red Shantung Hat with a feather.  I paid alot of attention in drawing the lips which shows the childish-like smile .